Understanding psychological testing

Understanding Psychological Testing

LifeSpan Counseling & Psychological Services gets a lot of calls requesting testing services and we also get a lot of questions about the testing process.

Who Can Benefit from Psychological Testing Services?

  • Children, Adolescents, and Adults who are gifted, or have difficulties with developmental delays, learning disabilities, or behavioral, emotional and adjustment problems.
  • School Faculty and Staff who wish to obtain detailed information needed in the educational planning of gifted students, or for those with academic, behavioral, or emotional problems.
  • Allied Social Service Providers whose services to clients can be enhanced by a comprehensive evaluation of intellectual and personality functioning.

Common Reasons for Psychological Testing:

  • Concerns about intellectual abilities (not performing in school/work and suspect cognitive delays;
  • Concerns about possible learning disabilities;
  • Concerns about attention deficit disorder;
  • Concerns about emotional functioning;
  • Clarifying treatment needs or goals

What Happens in the Psychological Testing Program?

Typically, each session begins with a clinical interview, staff gather information about the problems the client is experiencing to determine the need for psychological testing. Standardized psychological tests are given in a uniform manner and scored.

Tests are then interpreted and integrated into a formal written report. After testing is complete, a feedback session is held with the client and/or family to discuss the findings and recommend a course of action to support the client. A report is typically given to the client to use in various settings (e.g. school/work).

Who does the Testing?

Psychological testing is done by licensed clinical psychologists or post-doctoral fellows that are supervised by licensed staff.

How long does it take?

Psychological testing can take 3 to 6 hours or longer depending upon the scope of the evaluation, the client’s age and ability to progress through test completion. Testing is sometimes completed over a series of sessions. Scoring of tests and report writing takes additional time.

What does it cost?

LifeSpan Counseling & Psychological Services typically charges $200 for an initial intake and then each additional hour of test administration, scoring, interpretation and report writing is $150 per hour. Testing fees are applicable to the time involved in administering, scoring and writing the reports. LifeSpan Counseling & Psychological Services will bill for insurance plans that we are in-network for (and under some circumstances those we are out-of-network). FCS will work with self-pay clients and will provide a detailed invoice for clients to submit to their insurance companies.

Who Do I Contact for More Information?

If you are interested in beginning the evaluation process or would like more information, please contact: (708)386-5080

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