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LifeSpan is a group practice of Psychologists, Clinical Social Workers, and Clinical Therapists dedicated to helping you find ways of living more fully satisfying lives.

Therapy Strategies

The Right Tools

We are committed to helping clients develop strategies and learn skills that will help them manage through major and everyday life events.

Personalized Therapy

Personalized Help

Because each client we work with has their own unique reasons for seeking help, we tailor our approach to your goals and needs.



What sets us apart is our commitment to diversity. Our staff reflects the diversity of the surrounding community.

“Imagine bringing your best self forward into your life, your relationships with others, and to the world at large. There is nothing more important than having the skills and clarity needed to live an authentic, resilient and intentional life.”

Orson & Keri Morrison
Founders & Therapists

Seeking professional help is sometimes a big step.

You don’t need to struggle all alone.
Reach out today.

Whether you are seeking help for your child, spouse/partner, self, family member or a friend, LifeSpan Counseling and Psychological Services has someone who can assist you. Because each client we work with has their own unique reasons for seeking help, we tailor our approach to your short and longer term goals, treatment needs, and financial resources. You don’t need to struggle all alone! We understand that seeking professional help is sometimes a big step and we want to help you make well-informed choices about your treatment.

Our Hours

Reach out to schedule an appointment during our normal business hours. 


8am – 9pm


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Oak Park, IL therapists

Oak Park Therapists

At Lifespan we find the most qualified professionals available with diverse backgrounds and specialties. Our hope is to provide a good fit for every potential patient. Take the time to learn more about our team members. If you need guidance to find the best fit for your situation, please reach out, we’d be glad to help.

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