Ancestral Lineage Healing

As I’ve worked to decolonize myself and the healing work I do with others, the role of the ancestors has become central to helping to transform and interrupt patterns of multi-generational trauma, un-resolved grief, and the relational and cultural disconnection many feel.

Non-dogmatic healing

Non-dogmatic Healing

Ancestral Lineage Healing is a non-dogmatic healing arts modality. The approach is based upon an animist framework which means that humans are part of a larger web of consciousness that includes our ancestors. Ancestral Lineage Healing was developed by Dr. Daniel Foor who also founded Ancestral Medicine (Ancestral Medicine: Rituals for Personal and Family Healing, 2017).

There are 4 basic assumptions that underpin Ancestral Lineage Healing:

  • Consciousness continues after death.
  • Not all of the dead are equally well.
  • The living and the dead can communicate.
  • The living and the dead can strongly affect one another.

Ancestral Lineage Healing does not take the place of psychotherapy (if needed). Currently, I am offering Ancestral Lineage Healing outside of my roles as a Psychologist and psychotherapist although I bring these professional skills and experiences to my work with clients.

Thank you! Dr. Orson Morrison

Reach Out

If you are interested in discussing Ancestral Lineage Healing with me please include your phone number and a couple of windows (days/times/time zone) when you are generally available for a 15-min phone conversation. I’ll confirm a time and give you a call!

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